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Welcome to Mikkeli Pride 2018!
Join us to bring “Light and Colour” Oct 27th 2018

Pride events are traditionally considered as a demonstration for gender- and sexual minorities. This year Mikkeli Pride thrives to support all minorities and increase awareness of discrimination. Pride is a special day to celebrate the minorities and make them visible even for a one day - Pride is for everyone and we appreciate if you join us.

Mikkeli Pride consist 5 events:

1. Stand-Up brunch at the Gastropub Eino at 11-15, with stand-up comedians showing their example how hu-mor doesn’t have to be offensive or discriminatory. Stand-up is in Finnish.

2. Stella's Tähtitori-event at 11-14 is an event for all ages. The purpose of the event is to increase understand-ing of all minorities. The program includes for example a panel discussion, organization presentations and activities for children and families. Would your community like to be part and present? Please contact! How is it to be from a different culture or language background and living in Mikkeli. You are free to come and join our event at Stella Tähtitori and share your experiences, alone or as a group or representing your organiza-tion.

3. Mikkeli market square event at 5pm with warmup for Pride parade and at 6pm 1,5 km long joyful march to support equality. The route is accessable for physically disabled and the Mikke-train is available for people with special needs and limitations. The market has a sign language interpreter and there is also an English greeting. International students, asylum seekers, immigrants and all other international inhabitants of Mikkeli are more than welcome to join with multicultural visibility. Banners and creative signs with lights and colour make the evening.

4. Youth Event (non-alcoholic) for 13-29 year old starts right after parade at Starlight, Maaherrankatu 12 and lasts until 9pm. There and evenings program is variable. The focus is to promote the inclusion of young people and give them the opportunity to find their own reference groups, meet peers and find suitable activities for themselves.

5. For R-18 party continues at Night Club in Vaakuna starting at 19:00. Host for the night is MR. Gay Finland Ismo Poutiainen. Program includes rapduo SOFA, electrosynthopop artist Peter Johan, drag queen Miss B and show dance group Afrodisiac. In addition there is a chance to decorate by Glitternists and hair color artists or more permanently take a small tattoo on the spot.

We invite you to participate in Mikkeli Pride 2018. You can express your support against racism and all kind of discrimination towards all minorities.

Anna tukesi

Voit tukea Mikkeli Prideä osallistumalla varainkeruukampanjaamme sinulle sopivalla summalla, oli se sitten pieni tai suuri. Kampanjan tuotto menee lyhentämättömänä Savon Seta ry:lle tämän vuoden Mikkeli Priden järjestelyihin.

Käytäthän maksaessasi viitettä 23388. Mikäli viitteen käyttö ei jostain syystä onnistu, mainitsethan silloin viestikentässä Mikkeli Priden. Voit myös auttaa meitä jakamalla kampanjaa eteenpäin ystävillesi. Kaikki saamamme apu on merkityksellistä!

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